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Industry 4.0 key to surviving the corona crisis

Industriële digitale transformatie een essentieel middel om de corona-crisis te overleven. Maar ondernemers willen vaak eerst weten wat de voordelen zijn van een Industry 4.0 project voordat ze durven te investeren. Feit is dat industriële digitalisering zijn eigen succes kweekt. Daarom moeten business cases het gevolg zijn van industriële digitalisering en niet een rechtvaardiging daarvoor.


5G indoor opportunities for manufacturing

We want to maintain our international competitive position. But this requires innovations that help manufacturing companies to continue to distinguish themselves. Innovations that help to produce small batch sizes very efficiently. Or to use production and product data to improve quality. With a wireless factory based on 5G, manufacturing companies can take advantage of these and many other innovations. And we maintain our leading position as an industrial sector.


DVC-SI Annual event 2019

The first break-out session during the 2019 annual event of the Data Value Center – Smart Industry was about using data to strengthen the competitive position. Three speakers: Bert Breeman from Luminis, Jeroen de Bruijn from Festa Solutions and Jelle Melis from Alten – all of these companies are members of the High Tech [...]


Demcon acquires slice of FPGA specialist Qbaylogic

UT spin-off Qbaylogic intends to position its Clash language as the third language for programming FPGAs, in addition to and above VHDL and Verilog. Demcon’s involvement will enable the company to grow further and develop new products. Last month, Enschede-based technology developer and manufacturer Demcon acquired a share in Qbaylogic. This spin-off from the [...]


Unit040 and Unity Technologies collaborate as partners

As of June 20th, the Eindhoven(NL)-based software company Unit040 has a strategic partnership agreement with tech giant Unity Technologies. Unit040’s software platform – Prespective – facilitates users in making Digital Twins of their (complex) systems, ranging from machines to entire production facilities. This innovative technology has a bright future ahead and Unit040 has set [...]