Ask an Industry 4.0 Expert

Do you have ideas about improving the performance of your business that you’d like to discuss with an Industry 4.0 expert?  Have you an idea for a Smart Product that you’d like to review with  technology specialist? We provide a free consultancy service for anyone wanting to learn more about using digitalisation technology to address business opportunities.

For many business owners, “Industry 4.0” is a vague term that hints at some very interesting concepts but that does not clearly connect to the immediate needs of their business. Our members help bridge the gap between digitalisation concepts, technology and the needs of your business. Based on the wealth of experience of our members, we provide a holistic and pragmatic approach to the digitalisation of production processes and the creation of smart products. For example:

  • Find out how your service and maintenance costs can be reduced
  • Discuss opportunities to decrease your throughput time and first pass yield
  • Gain insights into your ideas for smart, connected products
  • Learn how your operational efficiency can be improved
  • Discover how your operations can be extended to 24/7/365

Our door is open to discuss your needs. Simply contact us for an appointment.

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