Artificial intelligence – industry 4.0 gives manufacturing a brain

Machines showing intelligence, and intelligent behaviour, that is Artificial Intelligence. Although some may expect that all systems containing software show artificial intelligence this is not the case. Artificial intelligence requires a system, or a machine to not only be programmed to perform a certain task, but to also perceive what is going on and, to a certain extend, adjust its operation based on that. It’s this perception of the environment, through sensors and other inputs, and by analysing data that makes a artificial intelligence different from regular, programmed systems. Read the articles underneath or read more about Artificial intelligence underneath the articles.

Artificial intelligence articles

Accident or murder: image recognition helps Shanghai CSI’s determine cause of death

Labworld approached Sioux for image analysis technology to make its forensic analysis products more effective. The technology house discovered in a preliminary investigation that the real gains were to be made in a better workflow. With the use of Machine Learning technology bottlenecks were then eliminated, resulting in significant time savings and efficiency improvements.

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