Big data in Industry 4.0

Big data is a term that has been around for a long time, and a concept that’s been around for even longer under different names, like data warehousing. Big data deals with the collecting, storing, analysing and providing access in different ways to very large data sets. So large, that they cannot be processed by traditional software applications. Instead, these data sets are handled by specialized, sometimes parallelised and distribute algorithms. Big data sets can be collected from anywhere – e.g. internet usage data, data collected by large telescopes or satellite networks, and in case of industry also the equipment and software running in our factories. Read the articles or read more about Big data underneath the articles.

Big data articles

How to turn your factory into a learning factory with machine learning

In the past ‘few’ years, everybody has been building so-called dashboards. In factories, people keep track of production quantities, wasted materials, unscheduled downtime, utilization of key equipment and many more data items, over shorter or longer periods. But why?

Software bites: Information Maturity

In this digital learning session Guido Abbenhuis gives you a fresh perspective on how future-proof technical information can contribute to your business goals and service maintenance strategy.