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Unit040 and Unity Technologies collaborate as partners

As of June 20th, the Eindhoven(NL)-based software company Unit040 has a strategic partnership agreement with tech giant Unity Technologies. Unit040’s software platform – Prespective – facilitates users in making Digital Twins of their (complex) systems, ranging from machines to entire production facilities.

This innovative technology has a bright future ahead and Unit040 has set its goal to become a global player in this market through collaboration with Unity Technologies.

Unity Technologies, developer of one of the most used game engines in the world (Unity3D), will sell Prespective and in this way offers a solution to the growing demand in the manufacturing and automotive industry. Through the partnership both parties plan to share experience, intelligence and resources to accommodate the fast growing market for industrial use of Unity3D and Prespective.

Unity’s Edward Martin (Technical Product Manager) explains: ‘’Unity is excited to partner with Unit040 to provide customers with a flexible and powerful Digital Twin solution. From simulation to training to IoT-based services, Unit040’s Prespective has the potential to transform how companies develop, sell, and service products.”

CEO and Co-founder of Unit040, Jorick Huizinga, is excited with the partnership: ‘’Unity3D is not only the most powerful game engine in the world, their innovative character and global foothold makes them a very compatible partner and I expect a fruitful collaboration in the coming years.’’



We are Unit040. We merge Virtual and Physical worlds. Our Digital Twin platform, PREspective, enables users to simulate the behaviour of a system, before it even exists.

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