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Bright Cape invests in future with High Tech Software Cluster

Bright Cape joins the High Tech Software Cluster. CEO Serge Beniers: ,,We see like-minded people in the cluster and understand that we must join forces to ensure the future of manufacturing companies in the region. Especially in difficult times it is important to start working on your future. That is why it is our choice to join the cluster right now. ” The Bright Cape company specializes in data analysis and knows exactly what to do to increase your OEE, increase your sales, reduce costs and streamline processes. Wim Renders, cluster manager: ,, There is a great demand for expertise in AI, machine learning and deep learning. Any software company that enriches our solution palette is welcome in the cluster. In the competitive world of the manufacturing industry, both major and minor improvements will ensure that production can remain in the Netherlands.”
Foto: Vlnr: Wim Renders, Mart Althuizen, Serge Beniers.
The High Tech Software Cluster (HTSC), consisting of thirty software developing companies, is located in the Software Competence Center (SCC) on the Brainport Industries Campus (BIC) in Eindhoven. The SCC offers the place for companies in the manufacturing industry to gain insight into the changing role of software, to experiment and to work on innovations that ensure the future of your company. The High Tech Software Cluster is strongly represented in the Smart Industry ecosystem and connects seamlessly with the target group of Bright Cape and its Smart Industry 4.0 Assistant.

Smart Industry Assistent

The Smart Industry 4.0 Assistant can prevent rejected products in the manufacturing industry and also increase the availability of the production line. Of every individual unit, SIA can predict the quality of the product during the production process and give advice about which actions an operator must execute to prevent ‘non-quality’ of products or any interruptions in the production process.

This way an operator can intervene during the production process to for example prevent that a whole batch of products should be thrown away or expensive machine repairs are needed. Due to SIA, manufacturing companies can halve its waste, extend the life cycle of their assets and reduce the downtime of their machines by 3%. That does not only have a positive effect on the environment, but also increases the revenue and profitability.



The High Tech Software Cluster is an alliance of over 30 innovative software companies, research organizations and educational institutions that support you in making the digitization of your business affordable and practical.

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