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KPN brings the Wireless Factory to the High Tech Software Cluster

In recognition of the growing importance of highly integrated hardware, software and network systems to connect and combine industrial equipment into a new generation of cyber-physical systems – the wireless factory, KPN has become a member of the High Tech Software Cluster (HTSC). Based in the Software Competence Centre (SCC) at Brainport Industries Campus in Eindhoven and consisting of 30 software centric businesses, the HTSC is strongly connected to the rapidly developing Smart Industry ecosystem in particular, a focus sector of KPN.
KPN - toetreding cluster
Photo from left to right: Egbert Heuvelman, Paul Cobben (KPN), Ries van Son, Jacob Groote (KPN), Wim Renders, Robert Howe, Benno Beuting, Ad van Dongen, Jeroen de Bruijn, Stefan van Gansewinkel.

In joining the HTSC, KPN intends to implement and explore a Wireless Factory based on 4G/5G technology. The HTSC’s status as a Smart Industry fieldlab provides KPN with a platform to demonstrate the benefits that 5G will bring to Wireless Factories. The collaboration between innovative hardware, wireless networks and intelligent software are key to developing relevant Smart Industry products and applications that can make a difference.

The Software Competence Centre is the preeminent location for manufacturing companies wanting to gain an insight into the changing role of software in industry, and to experiment with and adopt software driven innovations that will ensure their future competitiveness. KPN intends to add its knowledge of the Wireless Factory concept to the solutions present at the SCC and to cooperate with other HTSC members on researching and developing real-world applications of the Wireless Factory. Key applications envisioned include localization, virtualization, digital twins, the large-scale deployment of wireless sensors and the utilization of embedded intelligence for smart predictive maintenance and process optimization.



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