In short:

  • As the world becomes increasingly complex with products controlled by diverse software implementations, testing methods must be able to keep up.

  • Digital twins offer a wonderful opportunity to simulate physical products even before the actual product exists.
  • The strength of modern automated tools and technologies for software testing lies in the fact that they can be integrated into a variety of environments.

Digital twins offer a great possibility to simulate real world products before the actual product even exists. As product development is conducted in this kind of digital environment, there should be tools and methods the product in the very same environment and preferably in an effective way. Product testing by a human operator is of course possible but in many cases not feasible. Humans are prone to mistakes, repeatability is not the same and naturally the speed of testing is usually slower, not forgetting the work itself, which might be quite tedious if the same things need to be tested repeatedly. These are same reasons that have led SW testing on the path of automatization. With the help of test automation, the SW design industry has been given a powerful tool that can keep product quality on a high level.