Challenge is what drives Marina! Marina, who specialises in robotics and automation, did not hesitate for a moment to leave her native Spain to study in the Netherlands. There she completed her master’s degree in engineering at the Delft University of Technology. This led to her meeting ALTEN, where she was offered a first project in The Netherlands: a professional and personal experience full of new challenges. Here, Marina learned to develop robots as well as the Dutch language: fascinating technological objects where she discovered more about their complexity and perfectibility.

Coding a robotic arm and valuing human activities
“The project I am working on is aimed at creating flexible solutions for the logistics sector. Our developments enable robotic arms to sort products and organise stocks and deliveries for e-commerce companies. As a software developer, my job is to program new functions that can be implemented in these robots”.

So Marina is one of the human intelligences behind the behaviour of all these robots that correctly prepare orders placed online and send them to their recipients. “Together with the team, we test the robots and then deploy them to the customers. When we talk about new functions, we mean that we teach the robot to behave in the presence of people, to make movements such as picking up products and putting them on the conveyor belt to reach the production line. But also, for example, to integrate new equipment, such as a vacuum gripper designed to carry particularly heavy objects…”

Marina emphasises the important impact her work has on the quality of the working life of logistics operators: “Thanks to the robots we develop, people can avoid tasks that are too dangerous, sometimes painful and often very time-consuming. So these robotic arms really help operators in their daily work, by saving them the physical effort and allowing them to focus on other value-added tasks, thus improving their well-being at work!”. Marina is very proud of the fact that she can help with this. “I feel that I am contributing to a form of progress in our s