Getting Started with
Industry 4.0

Do you already have a business challenge in mind that you want to address?

  • Perhaps you want to improve your throughput time or first pass yield?
  • Or you want your operations to run 24/7?
  • Maybe you want to make your products or services smarter?
  • Or you believe that becoming more efficient will hold off low cost competitors?

These are the kinds of challenges that we can help you solve. Our members possess a wide range of knowledge and experience in implementing practical solutions for business challenges using digitalisation technologies.

Industry 4.0 Getting Started assessment

To help you turn your ideas into reality we offer an Industry 4.0 Getting Started assessment. An assessment is formulated entirely according to your needs and requirements. It may consider factors such as:

Industry 4.0 Getting Started steps

Production Processes and Supply Chain Integration

  • How ready is my organisation to support, adopt and deploy my digitalisation ideas?
  • How should my team be organised to make digitalisation work?
  • How should my project be planned? What is the roadmap?
  • What solutions and technologies will I need to source to realise my goals?
  • What will my project cost? How can the investment requirement be minimised?
  • What quick wins are possible? How quickly can I get a return on investment?
  • What are the key factors that will determine the success of my project?

Smart Products and Services

  • How can my smart product/service idea be made to work? What is necessary?
  • How should I go about having the product/service developed?
  • How can my product be developed as cost effectively as possible?
  • How can I ensure that the resultant product will meet the needs of my customers?
  • What will it cost to develop the product/service?
  • How quickly can I have an initial version that I can sell to test the market?
  • How can I ensure that my product/service can respond to changes in the market?

The result of every assessment is a down to earth action plan describing how you can get your digitalisation project started and what you need to organise to ensure its success.

Industry 4.0 Getting Started special offer

50% Discount on Getting Started assessments

Industry 4.0 Getting Started assessments can attract a grant that covers 50% of their cost, up to a maximum amount of € 5.000,-. A qualifying Getting Started assessment that costs € 10.000,- will therefore only cost you € 5.000,- after receipt of a grant. Terms and conditions apply. In order to determine whether a Getting Started assessment qualifies for a grant, we will firstly draft a proposal for the assessment with you and then submit it for evaluation. You can choose to start the assessment when you know whether it has qualified for a grant.

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