These companies stand ready
to help you become a Smart Industry winner

These companies stand ready to help you become a Smart Industry winner

HTSC members



At Fourtress, we develop unique and innovative software solutions with a focus on improving the lives of your customer, our society and our shared home. We want to ensure our future is driven by technology and steered by people.


ICT Group

ICT Group is a leading industrial technology solutions and services provider. The solutions we offer our clients involve/include software development, solutions on project basis, the secondment of experienced and highly educated staff, as well as services to maintain IT systems. 



KE-works delivers KE-chain; a cloud-based application platform for digital engineering and operations to customers in aerospace, automotive, infrastructure and high-tech. KE-chain applications are flexible, simple and smart.



We make life more free, easy and more fun by connecting people and businesses.


Lakana Consulting

Lakana Consulting helps industrial companies develop and execute a smart digitalisation strategy, using software to drive innovation in their business.


Logic Solutions

Logic Technology provides companies that develop high-tech electronics and applications with tools and software that increase the productivity of the developers as well as the quality of their output, allowing them to focus on what is really important: The creation of great products!



Luminis is a group of companies, headquartered in the Netherlands that is specialized in delivering innovative solutions to business and Government, predominantly using emergent (Information) technology.


One of a kind

One of A Kind Technologies is a unique group of high-tech companies with complementary technology and individual growth potential.



Processgold helps enterprises that mainly process information, witness enormous complexity and variation in their business processes.



Profit supports High Tech companies with cloud, technical and embedded software development.


Pulse DC

Data is the new gold. Data provides insight, proves, predicts and controls, provided it is collected, stored and analyzed in the right way. It is Pulse DC's specialism to help you with that.

“It is software that determines the critical path to achieving your business goals.”

Wim Renders


High Tech Software Cluster

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