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Datastreams was founded out of a research project from the Eindhoven University of Technology.

In the spirit of this origin, we are always looking for ways to solve the problems we see in our industry and help the world of data evolve. Fundamentally, it is our mission to raise the professional standards for both data collaboration and data ethics, enabling companies to get the most out of their data while upholding high data governance and privacy standards.

Our Datastreams Platform and its modules help organisations to collect, stream, process and share data in a simple, ethical and compliant way for increased data collaboration, improved data-driven decisions and a better world.

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  • Datastreams Platform – The Datastreams Platform is our state-of-the-art solution to instantly empower any data-driven business. The platform simplifies the process of streaming data within and between organisations. It facilitates the connection of data sources to endpoints in a reliable, secure and compliant manner. That means you’ll get the right data, in the right place, in the right format, at the right time. Anytime, anywhere. Designed by experts in the field based on cutting-edge technology and privacy-by-design principles, the Datastreams Platform has a solid foundation and plenty of room to grow and evolve, as is evidenced by the continued development of optional modules.
  • Privacy & Compliance Module – Consent management entails not only asking customers for which purposes their data can be processed, but also continuously respecting these choices as their data travels across platforms and across departments. Our Privacy and Compliance module enables companies to collect and manage consent across devices and channels in a compliant way, so that visitor’s data can be used to drive business value in a compliant and respectful manner.
  • Quality & Assurance Module – Data quality is a critical part of any good data management strategy. Our Module Data Quality Assurance enables companies to validate 100% of the data that is being sent to their web analytics and digital marketing platforms. It empowers them start trusting their data again, have correct actionable insights, and stay in control during the digital transformation and evolution of their organisation.
  • Labels & Segments Module – Our segmentation module combines advanced data collection and effective audience segmentation into one complete package. It allows organisations to bring together all relevant data in the company and use it to build customer profiles that are more specific and meaningful than those based on a single source of non-integrated data. These profiles can then be used to launch and monitor a tailored marketing campaign based on marketing triggers for a given individual. Compliant solution design, features such as time-frame targeting and easy integration with the Datastreams Platform and its other modules, make the segmentation module a best-in-class segmentation solution.


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