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Delphino Consultancy

Delphino Consultancy is Angelo Hulshout. Angelo specialises in software and systems architecture services. He has over 20 years of experiences as a hands-on architect in projects in various branches, including semiconductor, healthcare, animal food processing, laboratory equipment and financial services.

His vision/view is that software is software, no matter what the problem domain, and the problems to be solved are very similar. Next to this, Angelo is involved in connecting The Netherlands and Italy, amongst others by creating bridges between the HTSC and Italian organisations. From 2019, Delphino Consultancy is partnering with Merapar on cloud and IoT solutions.

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  • Hands-on software architecture support in projects
  • Coaching of engineers and architects
  • Training on software architecture, design and other topics
  • CTO Coaching
  • Speaking / speaker at events (topics up for proposals)

Delphino Consultancy

Stille Wille 45
5091WB Oost- West- en Middelbeers, Netherlands

+31(0)6 25319743

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