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Lakana Consulting helps industrial companies develop and execute a smart digitalisation strategy, using software to drive innovation in their business. We can do this by delivering C‑Level advice and consultancy or by acting in a CTO‑as‑a‑service role.

Principle consultant, Robert Howe, has over 35 years’ founder/CEO experience in building industrial software engineering businesses providing products and services to high-tech international and multinational companies in the Healthcare, Semiconductor Manufacturing, Agrotech, Scientific Equipment and related markets. His track record covers the entire lifecycle of an entrepreneurial business, from foundation and growth through to fund raising and divestment, including securing € 15m+ in diverse rounds of funding and selling his first company to a Dutch multinational.

As an engineer Robert has also designed, built and delivered a wide range of industrial software systems from factory controllers through to water treatment systems. Fluent in Dutch and with an extensive European network, Robert has both UK and Dutch nationality.

Improve your competitive performance through intelligent digitalisation.

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  • Digitalisation Opportunity Assessment
  • Digital Transformation Investment Analysis
  • Digitalisation Strategy Development
  • Digital Transformation Execution

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