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Verum creates and sells model-driven analytical software engineering tools that enable its customers to rapidly innovate in software.

Our latest product, “Dezyne”, provides software engineers with the means to create, explore, validate and formally verify designs for cyber-physical systems, including industrial equipment and machinery, medical systems and automotive applications. It leads to automatically generated code that is robust, reliable and trustworthy. The results include a 99.99% decrease in customer reported defects, 300% increase productivity and 20% decrease in time to market.

Based in Waalre, The Netherlands, close to Eindhoven’s High Tech Campus, Verum services customers throughout Europe.

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  • Introducing Dezyne – Dezyne is a software engineering toolset that enables engineers to specify, design, validate and formally verify software compnents for industrial, medical & automotive systems. Dezyne’s unique automated verification engine ensures that software designs can be trusted from the start. The result is automatically generated code of irrefutable quality that can be used to meet product safety and security requirements. Overall, Dezyne results in reduced Product Lifecycle Management costs and lower Total Costs of Ownership.
  • The Challenge of Innovating in Software – Conventional software engineering is a slow, resource intensive, trial-and-error based process that is failing to meet the needs of businesses increasingly dependent on using software to drive innovation. The scarcity and cost of good software engineers is a bottlenexk on the developmnt of next generation systems. The use of inexat methods and lack of objective, analytical design techniques means that conventional software engineering offers a poor basis for realising safe and secure software systems.
  • How does Dezyne help? – The adoption of Dezyne fundamentally addresses the shortcomings of conventional software engineering. With Dezyne, software design and specification errors are eliminated early in the development lifecycle. This results in less coding, less testing and less rework. Dezyne’s unique verification engine proves that specifications and designs are complete, correct and consistnt, resulting in software that is robust, reliable and resilient – the basic building blocks of a safe and secure application.

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