2506, 2020

5G indoor opportunities for manufacturing

We want to maintain our international competitive position. But this requires innovations that help manufacturing companies to continue to distinguish themselves. Innovations that help to produce small batch sizes very efficiently. Or to use production and product data to improve quality. With a wireless factory based on 5G, manufacturing companies can take advantage of these and many other innovations. And we maintain our leading position as an industrial sector.

1704, 2020

Bright Cape invests in future with High Tech Software Cluster

Bright Cape joins the High Tech Software Cluster. CEO Serge Beniers: ,, We see like-minded people in the cluster and understand that we must join forces to ensure the future of manufacturing companies in the region. Especially in difficult times it is important to start working on your future. That is why it is our choice to join the cluster right now. ”

2603, 2020

Continuously optimize machines without loss of production

The High Tech Software Cluster combines expertise from its members to keep machines in production up-to-date by enabling continuous optimized software updates to these production machines. The best software technologies in the field of low-code, digital twinning, big data and artificial intelligence are uniquely linked together to optimize machines sustainably.

2603, 2020

Inspiration sessions Construction & Infrastructure

Last month four inspiration sessions took place within the Construction & Infrastructure theme month of the High Tech Software Cluster. Construction and infrastructure professionals and a number of cluster members were inspired by and entered into discussions with speakers from the field.