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Theme month Construction and infrastructure

In 2020 HTSC starts organizing Theme months. In February the first takes place. Theme is the construction and infrastructure sector, a sector in which digitization is more and more important. In this theme month we connect organisations in ‘Bouw en infra’ with organisations woth software solutions, High Tech Software Cluster members.

The Climate Agreement confirms the urgency: the Dutch construction and infrastructure sector faces an enormous sustainability challenge. In concrete terms, this means: circular construction, realizing the energy transition and making our living environment climate-proof. This requires industrialization and digitization of the construction and infrastructure sector. This makes design, construction and management processes faster, error-free and cheaper, makes buildings smarter and generates and shares data. What is possible with AR, VR, IoT, robotization, 3D printing etc.?

As part of the HTSC theme month “Bouw en infra”, the High Tech Software Cluster on the Brainport Industries Campus in Eindhoven in February 2020 is organizing interactive meetings on this theme



Het High Tech Software Cluster is een samenwerkingsverband van ruim 30 innovatieve softwarebedrijven, onderzoeksorganisaties en onderwijsinstellingen die u ondersteunen om de digitalisering van uw bedrijf betaalbaar en praktisch te maken.

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