Antonio Verdeuzeldonk

Vision Project Engineer

Antonio Verdeuzeldonk (28) works
as a Vision Project Engineer for Beltech

‘What we come up with has never been done before’

Antonio Verdeuzeldonk (28) works as a Vision Project Engineer for Beltech, a company that is part of a unique group of Dutch high-tech companies called One of A Kind Technologies. There Antonio works on product development of optical systems that combine measurement, recognition and robotics. The systems he develops are truly innovative. “The solutions we develop, have never been developed before. To an engineer it simply doesn’t get any better.”

Antonio Verdeuzeldonk has a Dutch mother and a Spanish father. He grew up on the Spanish isle of Tenerife but after Antonio had finished his secondary school, he decided to go to the Netherlands as he was interested in technology and wanted to enrol in a high-quality technical education.

High quality university main reason for choosing Eindhoven

“Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) is an excellent technical university,” Antonio explains: “and my family lives near Eindhoven, that made me decide to go to the Netherlands. The first year after I came to the Netherlands I learned Dutch and then I studied at TU/e for a year. After that year I went to a University for Applied Sciences an finished a study in applied physics.”

Developing optical systems for quality control and process improvement

“That was two years ago. After I had finished my studies, I started working for Beltech which is part of One of A Kind Technologies. Beltech develops, implements and maintains optical systems for automatic inspection and measurement, recognition and robot guidance. What Beltech does is develop industrial automation solutions that are mainly aimed at quality control and improvement of productivity but since a little while it also develops machines in the field of agri-food.”

Hardware selection and automation for cucumber sorting machine

“I recently worked on a project that concerned a cucumber sorting and packaging machine. In the project team I was responsible for choosing the right hardware. This required knowledge of mathematics, optics and vision. During the process I also programmed the code that was needed to control the hardware. The Beltech software is based on C++ but we have a platform that allows us to program in JavaScript. This is a lot easier than programming directly on the machine. We load the Java script script in the Beltech platform.”

Develop and program a complete machine for quality control

“Another example of a project that I was involved in, concerned controlling a paper surface on which the presence of tape is measured at high speeds, >10m/s. During this project I helped develop and program a complete machine. My main expertise, however, is in the optic part and in selecting the hardware that is required. I also develop software. The most common software can be found in our library. When we need additional software, we develop and test it in JavaScript or Phyton and translate it to C++, when it is proved at a later moment in time.”

Developing something that has never been done before

“I love my job. I work on all aspects needed to develop a complete system or product. You start from scratch and in the end, you deliver something that does what it needs to do. We come up with really innovative solutions. I invent systems that have never been invented before. In this process you need to overcome a lot of obstacles but the fact that I am working on something that is really innovative, is truly satisfying. To an engineer there is nothing that can beat that feeling.”

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Antonio Verdeuzeldonk

Age: 28
Country: Spain (Tenerife)
Jobtitle: Vision Project Engineer

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One of A Kind Technologies B.V. Eindhoven, Netherlands Jan, 31

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