José Manuel Ventoso Picos

Senior Engineer/ Senior Software Developer

Senior engineer José Manuel Ventoso Picos
works on next generation GPS at TomTom

‘Lots of chances to learn and grow’

In September 2017 José Manuel Ventoso Picos from Galicia in Spain started working as a senior engineer for TomTom, a global company situated in the Dutch Brainport Eindhoven region that develops software and navigation technologies that power over a hundred of millions of applications around the globe. José now contributes to developing the next generation of Global Positioning Systems integrated in cars. A job that offers him plenty of opportunities to learn and grow. “Opportunities are great here.”

“I work for the custom systems department on the continuous integration system for Peugeot SA systems which is a collaboration of various car manufacturers”, Jose enlightens. “What I am responsible for is setting up the server, defining how our systems should be built and integrating parts of systems. We look at the best way to automate tasks in order to reduce the workload, by packaging software for instance.”

Amazing area for engineers

“TomTom is located on High Tech Campus Eindhoven, a place with a dense concentration of hightech companies working on future technologies. It is an amazing area for engineers, since there are all sorts of tech related companies I always find interesting people to talk to.”

“Before I came to Eindhoven I had lived in the United Kingdom for four years. There I worked in the videogames industry. Although I did improve my engineering skills, I did not really feel at home in England. Therefore, I was looking for another job opportunity. The offer of TomTom was very appealing to me.”

Attractive job content, excellent conditions and great opportunities

“Both the content of my current job as the employment conditions are very attractive. So is the city of Eindhoven. It is relatively small but offers you all facilities you need. I like that you can go everywhere by bike. I don’t even need to have a car. Moreover, people here are cheerful and easy to talk to.”

No bureaucracy, good work-life balance and impact

“I also really like working TomTom’s company culture. There is no bureaucracy, no enormous pressure and you do not have to work very late. In large companies you cannot really influence the final result, at TomTom your work has direct impact.”

Great opportunities

“I was originally hired as a C++ developer but as TomTom did not have enough engineers, I now work as a DevOps engineer. To me that is an enormous opportunity. I have been learning a lot, mostly by doing, I did not take courses on the subject yet.”

“I however am currently taking a Dutch course and my wife is learning Dutch as well. She is a nurse and after she has obtained a Dutch degree for nursing she will start working at a Dutch hospital. There is a great demand for nurses in the Netherlands.”

Living here pays off

“For someone who has never been outside the Mediterranean countries living and working in the Netherlands could be a bit of a shock at first but opportunities here are so much better. You can lead a very comfortable life here. It requires some adaptation but it really pays off.”

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José Manuel Ventoso Picos

Age: 28
Country: Spain,
Jobtitle: Senior Engineer/ Senior Software Developer


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