Juan Manuel Menéndez Bellón

Software developer

Juan Manuel Menéndez Bellón
is a software developer in C++ at Altran

‘Choosing for a better quality of life’

Juan Manuel Menéndez Bellón is a software developer in C++ at Altran. There he works on an inhouse project that is all about modelling data for system to system usage. Besides the contents of his job, Juan really likes living in the Netherlands. “Quality of life is good here and what is amazing is that you can arrange everything in English and sometimes even in Spanish.”

“When Altran needed a C++ specialist, I applied for the job and fitted right in,” Juan says. “Our software allows our client to graphically model a data system. What makes my job at Altran interesting is that I can work on automatic code generation, and make it as efficient as possible. That is what I like, I enjoy structuring workflows. Besides this, I work with a very nice team on very complex projects. This team is really international. There is a bunch of Spaniards in the company as well.”

Worked for several companies

“Since I came to the Netherlands I have worked for several companies. The first was an R&D company in Amersfoort that classified sounds in order to prevent disturbance in hospitals for instance or to detect violence. At a later moment I moved to the south of the Netherlands where I started as a consultant for a company that worked on network security. There I wrote C++ code for network protocols.”

Looking for a better quality of life

“My main reason for coming to the Netherlands is that me and my wife wanted a better quality of life. I come from a region in Spain with a very high unemployment rate. Nothing there seems to be blooming at all. When you want a job in Spain you need to go to Barcelona or Madrid. These cities are very expensive to live in and are overcrowded and polluted. In Spain it is hard to combine having a job with a good quality of life.”

Choosing between Germany and the Netherlands

“We then started looking for a job abroad. We both already had foreign experiences and were positive about them. I got two job offers. One of them was from a company in Germany and the other one was from a company in the Netherlands. I then needed to choose. The Netherlands seemed to have the most flourishing job market. Moreover, in the Netherlands you do not have to be able to speak Dutch. Almost all Dutch people speak English and they are very welcoming to foreigners. This made me choose for the Netherlands.”

Pleasant country to live in

“For someone with my background finding a job in the Netherlands is no problem at all. My wife works in sales. She had no difficulty finding a job as well. The Netherlands is a very pleasant country to be in. It is amazing that you can arrange everything in English or sometimes even in Spanish. I think it is a beautiful country as well and it has beautiful housing. Good food is expensive, but salaries are better. In short: we really like living here.”

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Juan Manuel Menéndez Bellón

Age: 31
Country: Spain,
Jobtitle: Software developer


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