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Getting started with industry 4.0

The High Tech Software Cluster helps manufacturing and production companies to digitalize their production processes and create smart products.

Learn about the power of software

We believe in the power of software to create a smarter world. Excellence in software will play a vital role in all aspects of life in the near future.

High Tech Software

The High Tech Software Cluster is an alliance of over 30 innovative software companies, research organizations and educational institutions that support you in making the digitization of your business affordable and practical.

For many entrepreneurs, digitization – or industry 4.0 – is a vague term that refers to some very interesting concepts, but not clearly related to the immediate needs of their business.

We offer you a range of different opportunities to learn about and get started with digital transformation or the engineering of smart products.


Industry 4.0: what do you want to achieve
with your company?

The importance of ‘adapting to the times’ is endorsed by almost every entrepreneur. But, do you know what needs to be done in the field of digitization and the use of software to achieve your goal? And do you know who can help to elaborate this question in order to take actual steps? This is often lacking. Brainport Development has founded the High Tech Software Cluster to guide SMEs in digitizing their business. Think for example:

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Reduce your service and maintenance costs

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Reduce the turnaround time of your production process

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Increase your first pass yield

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Run your business 24/7/365

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Tracking the location of components, parts and products

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Understand how to make your products smart and connected

To know more, choose for a free consultation with one of our experts or, if you already have your own ideas, a quickscan.


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What is Industrie 4.0?

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