Get a quickscan

You have ideas on how to improve the performance of your company or your product. That is great. But what needs to be done to implement those ideas? Does the idea have a chance of success? How is your company doing technologically and what steps do you still need to take to achieve the ‘desired situation’? Have your business (case) analysed by an expert from the High Tech Software Cluster.

More in-depth exploration
If you have spoken with an industry 4.0 expert, then it is often desirable to make a more extensive exploration afterwards. What needs to be done technically (and why)? What investments are required from you? What investment of time will you need to make? Do you already know the return on investment?

A comprehensive survey makes a lot clear and often helps in making choices. And not least, it is a good litmus test to establish whether your employees are also open to the changes. It can also support you in securing financing from the bank.

Interesting discount
The costs of the quick scan analysis usually vary between € 1,200 and € 10,000. To make the threshold as low as possible, vouchers are available. With relatively little effort, you can get half of the costs (up to a maximum amount of € 5,000 with an invoice of € 10,000) back. Request a quick scan to discuss the possibilities.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Have your business (case) analysed
  • Analysis by expert from the High Tech Software Cluster
  • Valuable analysis with concrete follow-up steps
  • Check with the cluster member if they can help you