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KPN brings 5G to Brainport Industries Campus Eindhoven

KPN has opened a second location for the Industry 5G Fieldlab at the Brainport Industries Campus (BIC) in Eindhoven. While the branch in Rotterdam at Shell Pernis focuses on the process industry, the branch in Eindhoven will focus on 5G in the manufacturing industry.
The reason for an extra location is that the manufacturing industry that BIC in Eindhoven focuses on has different usecases than the process industry at Shell Pernis, among others. Together with BIC, KPN will make 5G available to set up targeted Smart Industry projects with the new generation of mobile networks. KPN is also a member of Cluster, also based on BIC, with which the first projects are set up. Collaboration is also being sought with other Smart Industry Field Labs based at BIC.

5G indoor available

KPN’s customers in the manufacturing industry and established parties at the BIC are given the opportunity to learn about the benefits of 5G in a representative environment. KPN will immediately make 5G indoor available at the BIC, including the 3.5 GHz frequency that is ideally suited for testing use cases with a lot of bandwidth.

Paul Cobben, KPN’s developer manufacturing sector: “We can already get started with 5G indoor at 3.5 GHz, in contrast to 3.5 GHz outdoor that cannot be used until 2022/2023.” Furthermore, KPN combines 5G indoor with Ultra Wide Band (UWB). UWB is used to track objects on the factory floor and in warehouses in real time. Their position can be determined to within 30 centimeters, but often even more accurately.

For BIC, the arrival of KPN is a new step in the creation of the factory of the future. Ferdinand Gremmen, director of SDK Vastgoed (VolkerWessels) and responsible for BIC: “That KPN brings 5G to the Brainport Industries Campus is a new link in our ecosystem. This shows our attractiveness for innovative companies such as KPN, while at the same time offering new opportunities for our existing tenants. The future is determined by a fine interplay of hardware, software and supporting facilities. It is precisely this combination that makes BIC distinctive. ”

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