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Consult Industry 4.0

On Thursday, November 28th, High Tech Software Cluster organized the “Consult Industry 4.0” during the combi-event Brainport Industries Annual Congress and Technology Update XL. During this workshop, participants were given the opportunity to ask all kind of questions about digitization to the experts of the High Tech Software Cluster.

Sounding Boards

One-on-one or in groups, the participants met with the members of the Cluster to discuss their digitalisation needs. Questions ranged from how to tackle specific challenges through to broader issues of digital transformation.

Many companies see the opportunities of digitization, but at the same time it also raises many questions. Where do you start? And how? If you have been working successfully for decades in a certain way, changes takes time and energy. With this in mind, what is the best way to ultimately become a “Factory of the Future”? During the Spreekuur, cluster members offered their thoughts and observations on these and related subjects.


We received a lot of positive responses. We have been able to put a number of companies in contact with members who have the right expertise to answer their questions, and we have also been able to directly help a number of visitors with their issues.

The content of the questions varied from “I want to set up a new department within my company, which connections should I think about and how can I monitor the processes?”, and “We are making our machinery smarter, how can we tackle this if the machine manufacturer isn’t sharing data?”, and “What is the High Tech Software Cluster?”, and “What do you do and how can we become a member?”.

Fieldlab High Tech Software Cluster

The members of the Cluster offer advice, consultancy, courses and workshops in a wide range of subject related to digitalisation in industry. At our Software Competence Center we can show you how software can create more value for your organisation and how to get ahead of the Smart Industrial revolution. We are happy to be your sparring partner for all matters relating to digitalisation in your business.

Sign up for next ‘Consult Industry 4.0’

Do you also want to take the next step with digitization? Sign up for the next ‘Consult Industry 4.0’. During the ‘Consult’ you can ask all your questions to the experts of the High Tech Software Cluster without obligation. We offer you a listening ear, a sounding board, and advise you in making choices. No matter how small or large the issue is, we are happy to help you with ideas, clear explanations and (if possible) concrete advice.

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The High Tech Software Cluster is an alliance of over 30 innovative software companies, research organizations and educational institutions that support you in making the digitization of your business affordable and practical.

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