Living in
Brainport Eindhoven

Living in
Brainport Eindhoven

More than just work

Living in Brainport Eindhoven means living in a genuine high-tech hotspot. In this Dutch region you find a great number of large and small companies that provide you with a great variety of technology and IT jobs. Moreover, living in the Brainport Eindhoven region is very attractive.

In the Eindhoven region you find a large community of international knowledge workers. Quality of life in general is high, think of excellent schools, a wide variety of housing, top-notch healthcare and all kinds of sports- and leisure facilities for yourself your wife or husband and your children.

Eindhoven is a very international city. Annually high-tech companies in the region attract a lot of international knowledge workers. Moreover, the Netherlands in general is famed for its liberal social policies, trading traditions and robust multiculturalism. This makes it a tolerant country with a trade mentality, that is open to foreign ideas.

The Dutch are also excellent English speakers. The Netherlands ranks 1st on the world’s largest ranking of countries by English skills: EF EPI. 94% of the Dutch population speaks at least one foreign language. In international companies in the Netherlands English is the working language.

Living at competitive costs and housing

The city of Eindhoven and its surroundings offer a relatively competitive cost of living.

Cost of living in the Eindhoven area is relatively low compared to other tech hotspots in Europe like Copenhagen, Düsseldorf and Tampere. Furthermore, the Eindhoven area offers a wide variety of houses and apartments in various segments, both for rent as for sale and both in the centre of the city as in the rural area.

Most houses are spacious, have gardens and outdoor living areas.

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Leisure facilities for families, techies and design lovers

In Brainport Eindhoven you do not only find a wealth of extremely cool, high tech jobs but you can just feel the tech vibe and excitement in the air. Varying from hackathons, makers’ spaces, tech playgrounds and the Dutch technology week, techies are in the right place in Eindhoven. Moreover, there are lots of other ways for you to spend your spare time.

The city of Eindhoven offers great restaurants of all sorts and sizes, nice shops and a lot of cultural and sports facilities. Eindhoven is always buzzing but not too overcrowded with tourists. The city is also known for its strong design signature and its many events. Think for instance of Dutch Design Week that annually attracts nearly 300,000 visitors.

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First-rate, accessible and varied education

The Netherlands has a high-quality system of primary, vocational, higher and professional education. The country ranks fourth place in the Global Competitiveness Report of the World Economic Forum based on the quality of its education and training system and is one of the strongest OECD countries in student’s skills. As a result, the Netherlands has a highly educated and motivated workforce.

In the Brainport Eindhoven region you find excellent education at all levels including an international Primary and Secondary School (4-18 years). Besides this, there is a wide range of secondary schools offering bilingual education throughout entire curriculum (Dutch and English). Eindhoven University of Technology is a world-class technical university (top 1% globally) and Universities of Applied Sciences in the Eindhoven region offer a wide range of bachelors in English as well.

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Top-notch healthcare, for everyone

The Netherlands provides an excellent standard of healthcare. The Dutch healthcare system belongs to the very best in the world. Health insurance in the Netherlands is mandatory and healthcare is accessible to everyone.

In the Eindhoven region you find six hospitals that offer you excellent healthcare. Also, there is a special healthcare clinic (SGE International) for international knowledge workers. Doctors there speak English as main language and have experience with a variety of different cultures, habits and needs with respect to medication and referral to specialists.

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Pleasant place to live for the entire family

The Eindhoven region spends a lot of effort on making sure the region is a pleasant place to live in for internationals. Both for the international knowledge worker as for his or her wife/ husband and their children.

The Expat Spouses Initiative (ESI) for instance helps expat spouses realise their potential in an international career in Brainport Eindhoven. TheGet In Touch’ program connects spouses and internationals with relevant people and networks. Internationals who want to meet new people, can visit the HUB Eindhoven, the largest central living room for internationals in the area.

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Infrastructure- a well-connected region

The Eindhoven region is ideal for commuting and travelling by car, bus, train or plane. Roads are safe and well-maintained and the public transportation network is excellent. Bus stops (mostly for electric busses) can be found on every corner and trains take you to all major cities multiple times an hour.

Eindhoven Airport takes you to more than 75 destinations in Europe and beyond and Amsterdam airport, Düsseldorf airport and Brussels airport are located within 130 kilometres from Eindhoven. Also, Eindhoven is one of the five most bike friendly cities globally. Cycling is a clean, cheap, healthy and efficient way of traveling and an evident part of Dutch culture. These 2 wheels of fortune are an excellent way to travel.

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Tax system

The Dutch tax system is quite complex. As the Netherlands is a socially conscious country, people who earn a higher salary in most cases pay a higher proportion of their salary to taxes.

Various facilities have been created to make working in the Netherlands attractive when compared to other countries. The 30% tax facility, which allows employers to cover 30% of an employee’s remuneration as a tax-free expense allowance for the duration of five years, is an example of such a facility. This rule is applied for specialised foreign non-eu employees who come to the Netherlands because their skills are scarce in the Dutch marketplace.

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The province of Noord-Brabant where the Eindhoven area is located is a province with wonderful and beautiful nature. It varies from vast moors with beautiful views and extensive forests to special wetlands. It is also the only Dutch province that has no less than four national parks within its provincial borders!

In Brabant you can find it all. The Brabant nature invites you to go hiking, cycling, horse riding and more. Nature reserves such as the Biesbosch, the Groote Peel and the Loonse en Drunense duinen – the largest drift sand area in Western Europe – are ideal for this. Also, each season has its charm. Would you like to go hiking or cycling? Then take a look at Routes in Brabant, the starting point for a nice bike or walking tour through the Brabant nature reserves, here you can plan an entire route via the network of nodes.

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About Brainport Eindhoven

Settling is easy!

International knowledge workers hardly encounter any obstacles when they move to Brainport Eindhoven. Settling in the region is easy, both for EU citizens as for non-EU citizens. In most cases you will have arranged formalities and will be ready to start working within two weeks. Holland Expat Center South helps you in this process. The Expat Center is a non-profit governmental agency that helps you arrange formalities free of charge. It offers information and arranges events so that you can meet other people. This way you will soon feel at home!

Living in Brainport Eindhoven

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