Rebeca García González

Software Developer

Software developer Rebeca García González
works on improving interfaces

‘Lots of attention for keeping your knowledge up-to-date’

Rebeca García González works as a software developer at ALTEN in the Netherlands. Currently she is working in C# during an assignment for logistic process automation company VanderLande. Her employer ALTEN offers Rebeca lots of support and room for her personal development and the possibility to work on assignments for various companies in different industries. What she learns in one company, she applies in the next. “Dutch companies are very innovative, they will make sure they keep your knowledge up-to-date.”

During her study Computer Science Engineering at the University of Oviedo in Spain Rebeca discovered that she wanted to work in the Netherlands when she did a few internships between her studies. “I really liked it here, the working environment in specific,” Rebeca enlightens. “You are entitled to give your opinion here no matter what your position is. Social life is very free as well. Not reglementary. That suits me.”

Interface between soft and hardware in warehouse solutions

“At Vanderlande I am currently working on an R&D project concerning automated warehouse solutions. I am working on the interface between hardware and software by developing in C#. The main challenges in this process are the translation of requirements, meeting demands and deadlines and trying to improve during each sprint. In the end we are going to release new, improved and faster user-interfaces for end-users like Amazon and supermarket chains like Albert Heijn.”

You get to see and learn a lot

“What makes my work interesting is that I learn a lot about different disciplines and companies. What I learn at one company, I can apply at the next. I also see the differences in the way of working.  Working in an agile way for instance, varies greatly per company. That was my main reason for choosing to work for ALTEN. In my previous job I had worked for the same company for three years and I was not learning a lot. At ALTEN you get to work on different assignments for various companies. You get to see and learn a lot and meet a lot of different companies, company cultures and industries.”

Alten helps you in your personal growth

“Before I started my assignment at Vanderlande, I did an assignment for Philips for a couple of months. I worked on a user interaction site. What I discovered there is that I find the back-end work more challenging. That is also something which ALTEN supports you in. Discovering what your talent is. Every six weeks you get a review. When I need courses to develop certain skills I can get them. When I need help I can approach an experienced colleague. ALTEN helps me in my personal growth and in taking next steps in my career.”

Dutch companies are very innovative

“Living in the Netherlands is great. It is a very good country for technical employees. You find a lot of interesting companies here. Moreover, the working environment is exceptional, work-life balance is good and companies care about their employees. The Netherlands is very innovative, companies will make sure that they keep your knowledge up-to-date.”

Eindhoven has a large international community

“Living in the city of Eindhoven is also good. There is a large community of international knowledge workers in Eindhoven and Spanish people in specific. There are also a lot of expat events. In my spare time I often meet with other international people, visit museums and travel to different places. Infrastructure in the Netherlands is great as well. You can get about everywhere by car, train or plane.”

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Rebeca García González

Age: 31
Country: Spain
Jobtitle: Software Developer

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Software Tester Full-time
Alten Nederland BV Eindhoven, Netherlands Jan, 31
Alten Nederland BV Eindhoven, Netherlands Jan, 31
Alten Nederland BV Eindhoven, Netherlands Jan, 31
Alten Nederland BV Eindhoven, Netherlands Jan, 31
Alten Nederland BV Eindhoven, Netherlands Jan, 31

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