Project Description


Profit supports High Tech companies with software development for their innovative and complex solutions. Our focus is on the development of advanced software in collaboration with our clients, so they can flourish in their business. Our knowledge and ample experience is in the field of cloud, technical and embedded software development.

The software development workforce is an important asset for the success of business strategies. Moreover, the software environment is characterized by increasing speed of change and innovation. Therefore, companies need to have a software development workforce that can keep up with the constant change and innovation. Profit provides you the flexibility to operate successfully. Our on demand pool of highly motivated software professionals are experienced in developing software for High Tech companies in the fields of algorithm development, motion control, image processing, production & machine control, IoT and cloud computing.

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  • Technical software development
  • Embedded software development
  • Cloud development
  • IT staffing


High Tech Campus 69
5656 AG Eindhoven, Netherlands

+31(0)40 800 99 55

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