Software Bites: our online digitalisation workshops

Software Bites

The Cluster offers Software Bites (digital learning sessions) to help you gather information and inspiration about new technologies for the development of new processes, products or services. On this page you can look back to several Software Bites .


Software bites: Model driven engineering, where are we now?

Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) is a software development methodology which saves businesses a significant amount of time and money and enables them to streamline their operations. All parties can now work together within a single model which improves coordination between various stakeholders resulting in a more robust software solution with fewer bugs. Moreover, it reduces the time-to-market. MDE is perfect for businesses with a need for complex and error-proof software.


Software bites: How to create a release

In the previous episode, a schedule was made, stories were estimated and a sprint was planned. But how do you create a release? How do you ensure that the quality is good enough? How do you keep an overview and how will this fit into the development process? In this last episode we focus on CI&CD, testing, automation, reporting and integration.