Welcome to our Digitalisation Showcase

There’s no better way to learn about Industry 4.0 or to find the inspiration to digitalise your business than by understanding what others have achieved. Each company has a unique situation and therefore unique requirements, so digitalisation takes as many different forms as there are businesses. By considering range of cases, you can pick a choose those things that are important for your business. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, then contact us. Our members have a wealth of additional information available.

Continuously optimize machines without loss of production

The High Tech Software Cluster combines expertise from its members to keep machines in production up-to-date by enabling continuous optimized software updates to these production machines. The best software technologies in the field of low-code, digital twinning, big data and artificial intelligence are uniquely linked together to optimize machines sustainably.

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Using Cordis Suite to Design Control Logic

Cordis Suite is a practical toolset that enables you to design software according to the principles of Model Driven Engineering. It is suited mainly for control logic, i.e., software used to drive moving (‘mechatronic’) systems. This includes software for high-tech machines such as medical equipment or 3D printers, along with infrastructural systems such as bridges and tunnels, or climate control systems inside buildings (‘smart buildings’).

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Softwareport: the three musketeers of a Model Driven Integrated Solution

Softwareports solutions are especially suited for situations where high-level and low-level control operate together. For example, the distribution of luggage in an airport. The high-level control of coordinating incoming and outgoing flights and the low-level control of operating the luggage belts have to cooperate seamlessly.

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